Our Team

BlockDevsAsia is a volunteer-driven organization that is committed in growing the community by organizing blockchain-developer meetups.

As most other meetups are about other aspects of crypto (economics/trading etc), we felt there is a need for a friendly environment for (aspiring) software developers to join together to learn and hone our craft.

Our Mission

Organizing and engaging Blockchain Developers in South-East Asia through Networking, Education, Representation.

Caspar Oostendorp

Blockchain/Software Architect

CTO @ Oost & Voort Inc | Co-Founder @ Lifemesh

Chris Verceles

Full Stack/Blockchain Developer

CTO @ Lifemesh | Developer @ Consensys

Amadeo Brands

Token Engineer, Project Lead & Developer

Co-Founder & CTO @EOI Digital

Tracy Li

Software Engineer

Co-Founder @ Bitchikka