BlockDevs Asia is Tier #1 Servi node.


BlockDevs Asia wants to support builders with education and better tooling. Also, we want to incubate the star builders and start to build competing OnChain DApps.

Every quarter BlockDevs Asia reports to works it has done to the IOST Foundation. This mostly happens behind closed doors but we as BlockDevs Asia want to make this process more transparent and therefore share all-out work with the IOST Comunity and everyone else that is interested in a transparent and open manner.

BlockDevs Asia IOST


BlockDevs Asia is a group for and for software developers, technologists or business people looking to learn more about developing actual blockchain apps or systems. These meetings are open and free to all and are very technical where we dive deeper into technologie together with a group of passionate developers. With the IOST partnership with we want to focus on educating our developers about the IOST technology and exploring together what possibilities of the internet of services is. BlockDevs Asia wants to focus on educating and supporting the IOST developers community in Philippines/Southeast Asia.


As BlockDevs Asia we want to actively support the Philippines/Southeast Asia Developers community by creating meetups and courses to help developers to get started to work on top of IOST and build out the Internet of Services. We also want to contribute by supporting with the Bug Bounty program and build out dev tooling for the community to use. As we are focused on educating and supporting tech talent in the Philippines/Southeast Asia we also plan to give out study grants in collaboration with local universities.


Every quarter, BlockDevs Asia reports about the work we have done with the IOST Foundation. BlockDevs Asia would want to make this process more transparent and would like to share all our work the IOST Community.

Quarter One 2019

Earlier this year, an event called Platform hands-on: IOST was held on January 26 from 1PM to 5PM. The event was a technology demo by IOST with CTO Terrence Wang. The event also provided hands-on experimentation for blockchain developers to help them discover the latest blockchain technology being developed this year.

Quarter TWO 2019

The Fintech Summit was a blockchain event held in Manila that composed of two events—the Dish 2019 and the Fintech Forum.
The purpose of the event is towards the goal of promoting blockchain use case design and engineering skill awareness for potential local talent that will hopefully culminate in a wider hiring pool for participating blockchain companies.

Quarter THREE 2019

– More Dedicated IOST events
– Building out the IOST IDE and dev tooling
– Onboarding new devs
– Setup dedicated IOST Hackaton
– IOST incubator program
– IOST Casino game development
– Setting up IOST Casino games and start competing
-IOST Game development courses



BlockDevs provides tools and resources to our participants during our events. These tools are the latest and the most updated, often created and used by blockchain experts from Asia.



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