BlockDevs Asia is a group for and for software developers, technologists or business people looking to learn more about developing actual blockchain apps or systems. These meetings are open and free to all and are very technical where we dive deeper into technologie together with a group of passionate developers. With the IOST partnership with we want to focus on educating our developers about the IOST technology and exploring together what possibilities of the internet of services is. BlockDevs Asia wants to focus on educating and supporting the IOST developers community in Philippines/Southeast Asia.


As BlockDevs Asia we want to actively support the Philippines/Southeast Asia Developers community by creating meetups and courses to help developers to get started to work on top of IOST and build out the Internet of Services. We also want to contribute by supporting with the Bug Bounty program and build out dev tooling for the community to use. As we are focused on educating and supporting tech talent in the Philippines/Southeast Asia we also plan to give out study grants in collaboration with local universities.

IOST + DISH 2019

We are creating a hackaton and we will have a IOST focused development hackaton in Metro Manila Makati Philippines the main theme is:

Hackathon Website:
please come over if any of you are in Manila.

vote for our note all the votes we get we will give as reward to the winner that builds the best Dapp over the IOST Network. Please vote for us: