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Unit 302 Don Gesu Building, Don Jesus Boulevard, Muntinlupa, The Phillipines

Phone Number

 Mobile +63 917 899 7694
Landline +63 2 8478 8641
Landline +63 2 8478 8453


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Frequently Asked Questions


What do we do?

We organize meetup and hackathon events. 
Our events are focused on educating you about the technical aspects of blockchain. Most of the time, you will find yourself coding and building cool stuff using blockchain. However, our events are not limited to programming only, sometimes, we also invite mentors and speakers to provide business and regulation insights about the industry.

Is there a fee required for attending a meetup?
Our events are absolutely free. No fees will be collected from you when you show up on our meetup events. We are a thriving community. Currently, we rely heavily on sponsorships, but as we grow, we will need to add additional resources to support and sustain our community. Take advantage of the free workshops that we offer as much as you can.
Are the meetups exclusive for developers only?

Absolutely not! We are an inclusive community. Beginners and non-technical people are very much welcome. While most of our meetups are focused on technical and hands-on training, there are occasions where we tackle business development as well, mostly during our DISH challenge.

What are the skills required to join a meetup?
A lot of ENTHUSIASM is all you need. Basic knowledge in computer programming concepts and a little experience in javascript would help, but not required. We have technical and business mentors to guide you on your blockchain journey.
How can I help the community grow?
– Become a volunteer and help us organize events.
– Become a mentor.
– Become a sponsor or host the event with us.
– Donate to the community.

Sponsorships & Partners

Are there also custom packages possible?

We always seek out what is best for mutual sides. So, yes! Ofcourse it is. Send us an email at: [email protected]




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