As the year comes to a close, BlockDevs Asia is preparing for great things with IOST in 2020.

We have achieved much from the earlier months, however, the work doesn’t stop there. For Q4, we are focusing on IOST IDE tooling expansion and IOST Global Alliance partnership. This is the result of increasing developer onboarding as the use of IOST expands all across Asia. Indeed, IOST places itself under the radar of major startups from the Philippines, Singapore and South Korea as the goal of mainstream adoption is being upheld.

Multiple events have found itself in collaboration with IOST. From the TXGX forum to Klatyn Champ contests, BlockDevs have been exploring different places where IOST finds itself fitting.

RECAP: BlockDevs Asia Joins Annual TXGX Blockchain Forum in Seoul, South Korea

Last November, BlockDevs went to Seoul to join the annual TXGX forum where they met GroundX CEO Jaesun Han. During the forum, our team was able to talk to Ground about the status of the blockchain ecosystem in Korea. Moreso, we discussed the future of the blockchain industry in Asia and how Korea can help boost the trust and capability of mainstream adoption. 

The event highlighted how South Korea is a sleeping giant for the blockchain industry. With strong footholds with multiple industries such as entertainment, movies, television, food and beverage, and social media, South Korea has more than enough influence on the masses to introduce and integrate the blockchain platform.

The imparting words of Mr. Han “Watch out for South Korea in 2020” leaves us and the rest of the community a hopeful stance for blockchain in the incoming year. 

RECAP: How Does IOST Fit in the Current Korean Blockchain Ecosystem?

Ranking 4th of the global volume for blockchain transactions, South Korea boasts the capacity to become a blockchain testbed. In our article, we discussed the history of South Korea’s blockchain regulatory concerns and community perspective. It shows how the country can dominate the industry with proper action from the community. Expert Seojoon Kim mentions the major startup powerhouses that shape the current state of blockchain in South Korea.

With GroundX and Klatyn gearing up for blockchain, IOST finds itself perfectly fit for South Korea’s demands for a usable, scalable, adaptive blockchain technology. The strong fiat and technological progression impart a positive outlook for blockchain in South Korea, despite its flaws in regulation and taxation. The common view is South Korea may very well find the solutions for blockchain challenges.


Last month, we joined an article writing contest and we’re happy to announce we got first place! Check out our article ‘Complete Trust—Why We Need IOST to Reinforce Blockchain’ to read about the importance of IOST on blockchain technology.


For Q4, BlockDevs Asia held 3 major blockchain events. In this section, we’ll discuss them a bit and takeaways from each event.

Tangem: The First Smart Banknote for Digital Assets

In this meetup, we taught the community to build wallets and other cool dApps using Tangem’s iOS and Android SDK while interacting with their NFC based cards. Tangem AG (Tangem) is a Swiss-based secure hardware wallet manufacturer that enables blockchain-based assets to be kept in custody within smart physical banknotes and accessed via NFC technology. Their mission is to make digital assets accessible, affordable and convenient for consumers.

This event was held for free. And though it wasn’t required, BlockDevs Asia invited the audience the attend other major events to keep up with the blockchain sessions.

Schedule of Activities

1:00 – 1:10 Registration

1:10 – 1:20 Intro to BlockDevs Asia

1:20 – 1:30 Intro to Tangem

1:30 – 1:40 Intro to Tangem Dev Platform

1:40 – 2:10 Tangem Technical Overview

2:10 – 2:40 Use Case Examples

2:40 – 4:10 Developer Workshop

4:10 – 5:00 Snacks / Giveaways / Networking

Klaytn Champions: Introduction to Klaytn Champ & Hands-on Workshop on Klaytn

In this event, the Klaytn Champions flew from all over the world to Seoul, Korea to present their winning concepts. In this session, BlockDevs Asia and other winning teams explained what & why they have built these blockchain applications. During this event, we also discussed how to become a future Klaytn Champion with a hands-on workshop on how to build on Klaytn.

BlockDevs are also exploring NFC cards for IOST but details have yet to be discussed.

Blockdevs Asia visiting Klaytn in Seoul + Primer to Hyperledger Development

After being invited by GroundX to fly to Korea and had the opportunity to learn a lot about the Korean blockchain environment, we decided to share our insights to the local Philippine blockchain community

During the main part of the event, Caspar shared his journey into Hyperledger Development. He is studying for the Blockchain Training Alliance Hyperledger Developer Certificate, and wants to share his insights with the community. The event highlighted the curiosities of getting started with Hyperledger.

We also shared our insights about the blockchain landscape in 2019. Furthermore, we discussed with the community what to expect for 2020.

This event was also held for free.

Building out the IOST IDE and Dev Tooling

Our toolkit will get a revamp, improving the feel and setup of the tool. We are also thrilled to announce that this new IDE is better than Remix on ETH. An integrated development environment (IDE) is an indispensable application in software development that provides comprehensive facilities. Please feel free to try out the tool here.

Onboarding of New IOST Developers—IOST Champ

For new and interested developers, we created 3 new levels for IOST Champ. During onboarding, you can win some NFT tokens when you complete the courses. In addition, the 2 levels give you a free mainnet account and will teach you how to stake your tokens. Check out IOST Champ

The initial launch for a dedicated IOST incubator program

We are also thrilled to announce that our new incubator program is ready to onboard new developers. Please contact us and send us a cool blockchain project you are working on and we will help you build it.

Partnership with QED to bring better dev tooling to IOST

During our trip to Korea, we build a good relationship with QED with the main goal to bring more developer tooling to IOST check out the QED node info.

What to Expect in 2020

In the months to come, BlockDevs Asia will hold more meetups and events regarding blockchain and IOST. Everyone is always encouraged to join and participate. For a quick list for the upcoming events, we listed them here below:

  1. More Dedicated IOST events – We want to prioritize IOST on everything we build and in our meetups
  2. IOST node token for increased voter rewards 
  3. Building out the IOST IDE and dev tooling – Basically, we plan to make it easier for developers to develop on IOST
  4. Onboarding of new IOST developers
  5. Set Up  an other IOST Hackathon
  6. Initial launch for a dedicated IOST incubator program start with CHAMP funding
  7. IOST Game development courses for Blockchain enthusiasts

BlockDevs Asia also joined the IOST Global Alliance as a node partner. So stay in tune for updates regarding that.

Details of these events will soon follow. We hope to see more people at our events soon. If you’re interested to participate or have any questions, please contact us.

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