Update (Sept. 30,2019): This blog has been updated to highlight new free events and added information regarding IOST Champ, IOST Playground, tooling, and links for voting/support below.

Our BlockDevs community is growing and with a thriving blockchain community comes stronger networks, faster tool developments, and bigger events. For Q3, we are delving deeper into the capabilities of IOST in regards to online gaming and financial technology. As we transition into the last quarter of the year, we are hoping to integrate the whole community with IOST platforms so that starting and veteran blockchain developers will know, learn, and apply IOST to future blockchain projects. In this article, we will highlight our Q3 events and what to expect from us for the rest of 2019.

BlockDevs Asia IOST SERVI Node Q3 summary

  • Events
    • Blockchain Gambling and prediction markets
    • Global Blockchain Technology summit
    • The Importance of Communities in Blockchain
    • On-chain Gambling & Crypto games
  • Partnerships
    • Chainlink partnership
  • Tooling
    • IOST Champ
    • IOST+Quasar+Firebase boilerplate

Earlier this year, BlockDevs Asia held several blockchain events in the Philippines and Singapore. One of our events called ‘Blockchain Gamble’ was held last July 27, 2019, from 1pm to 5pm at BlockchainSpace, Acceler8, 111 Paseo De Roxas Makati City. Over 60+ participants gathered for the event who all learned about the how blockchain could help the online gaming industry.

The event highlighted the current state of online gambling and online casinos in the Philippines, the important aspects of Ethereum and Facebook’s Libra, its impact on future online gaming, dApps, and IOST in online gaming.

To check out the past events, read our summaries here:

The IOST Impact—More IOST Events

IOST has been the go-to ledger for our blockchain events and the development of online games. In our Meetup event, “Blockchain Gamble”, we talked about the kind of algorithms and game machines that we used to create modern day gaming and make them work.

The event was held for free and the event will be followed up by similar events as follow up soon.

The IOST Impact—Imparting IOST Education @Global Blockchain Technology summit

Amadeo Brands (pictured) gave a lecture at the University of Makati (UoM) at Global Blockchain Technology Summit. The event gave an introduction of blockchain to its students. Mostly, the content came from previous seminars we have done, imparting the essential concepts of blockchain that college students could learn about. In addition, Brands also talked about IOST and how it works in the blockchain community.

The seminar conducted was a way for students of UoM to learn about blockchain, tokens, and cryptocurrency in a less intimidating medium. Together with other blockchain experts, the students were able to study blockchain from experts of blockchain industry itself and ask their own questions from the experts that they may not be able to gather from internet and other mainstream media sources.

EVENT: The Importance of Communities in Blockchain

BlockchainSPACE Philippines is holding an event on August 22, 2019 called The Importance of Communities in Blockchain from 7:00 PM to 9:30PM at Acceler8 Coworking UB, 111 Paseo de Roxas, Makati. This event is in collaboration with us BlockDevs Asia, IOST, and Battle Racers to promote the importance of building an active, vibrant community in a blockchain network. The event is sponsored by Fomohunt, a discovery portal for crypto and blockchain projects, founders, events and news.

The schedule of events is as follows: 

Presentation 120 mins
Presentation 220 mins
Presentation 320 mins
Question and Answer20 mins
Panel45 minutes
Question and Answer20 mins

More details to come up in their MeetUp page. The panel of speakers of blockchain experts from different companies. The speakers and their expertise are as follows:

  1. Gabby DizonBlockchain Games
  2. Amadeo BrandsBlockchain Developers
  3. Ty BlackardBlockchain Events
  4. Rafael PadillaBlockchain Evangelist

The IOST Impact—What’s in Store for IOST from BlockDevs Asia?

We are planning to hold more events for IOST for our communities until the year ends. Former participants and interested newcomers are always invited to attend. In addition, we also need more volunteers for our events as the number of participants has been increasing.

For the future, we plan to hold an IOST Game Development Course. The details are yet to be published. But blockchain developers must be on the lookout for this event. We also plan to hold IOST Champ which is basically an event for the blockchain community.

Details soon to follow. So follow our blogs so you can stay updated.

Frequently Asked Questions: Getting to Know BlockDevs Asia

For you to get to know us better, we decided to answer frequently asked questions from our participants, clients, and other experts we’ve talked to. BlockDevs Asia wants to communicate properly with everyone and if you have other questions, feel free to contact us as well.

Can you introduce yourself and the core members of BlockDevs Asia?

Pictured L-to-R: (1) Rafael Padilla – Trustee, (2) Roy Selbach – Trustee, (3) Caspart Oostendorp, (4) Tracy Li, (5) Amadeo Brands, (6) Chris Verceles

The four core members are: 

  • Caspar Oostendorp is our Blockchain/Software Architect. He is the CTO of Oost & Voort Inc and Co-Founder of Lifemesh
  • Chris Verceles is our Full Stack/Blockchain Developer. He is the CTO of Lifemesh and Developer at Consensys
  • Amadeo Brands is our Token Engineer, Project Lead & Developer. He is a co-Founder & CTO of EOI Digital
  • Tracy Li is our Software Engineer. She is the Co-Founder of Bitchikka.

What does BlockDevs Asia mainly do? Can you introduce it to community users?

BlockDevs Asia is a non-profit community group by and for software developers, technology enthusiasts and business people looking to learn more about developing (actual) blockchain apps or systems. By organizing free educational meetups about complex & technical topics, we dive together with a large group of passionate developers into advance blockchain technology. To date we organized more than 20 events, 2 large hackathons and 20 meetups.

2/3 of the third quarter is over. Can you briefly tell us what you have done this quarter?

As previously said, we have organized tons of meet ups in the past.

For Q3, we held an event called ‘Blockchain Gamble—How Blockchain Predicts and Shapes the Future of Online Gambling’ where we talked about the concept, current state, and future of online gambling and blockchain and IOST.

We also held an expert talk at University of Makati introducing blockchain and IOST to Univeristy of Makati students.

Lastly, we have another meetup planned called ‘The Importance of Communities in Blockchain’ with BlockchainSPACE Philippines.

Our website updates our activities from time to time. Check out our blogs here and our Meetup page here.

Any news of BlockDevs Asia to share with the community?

We have a long lineup of events for blockchain for Q3 and Q4. While we cannot enclose details yet, we will update our audience and everyone about our upcoming events.

The roadmap for the rest of Q3 will be posted below.

How did you get involved with IOST? Why do you choose to be an IOST node?

BlockDevs Asia’s involvement with IOST began with a collaborative event with Terrence Wang back in Q1 January 29, 2019 called ‘Platform Hands-On’. Our event held a technology demo from Wang himself and showcased how IOST works in a blockchain system and how to use it for developing blockchain programs and dApps.

During the demonstration, Wang showed how IOST differs from other blockchain bases. IOST emphasizes community participation and incentives than other blockchain. This is quite interesting because gives people more opportunities.

What contribution will be made to the whole IOST ecology? If you have a preliminary plan or idea, could you share it with the IOST fans?

Our main goal is to empower the developer IOST Community with education and tooling so that more applications will be built on top of the IOST network. The more applications or network layers/traffic are created the more value will drip down into the base protocol which will, in the long run, increase the intrinsic value of IOST and will create a strong economic foundation.

For the IOST partnership we are focusing on educating our community about the IOST technology and exploring together what the possibilities of the Internet of Services are. BlockDevs Asia contributes by promoting & educating IOST to the community of the Philippines and even across multiple South-east Asian countries.

As of now, we are setting up IOST Champ which will be a tool to train developers and have them earn badges and points. Then, the developers can also complete tasks like create and deploy applications to main net where they then be rewarded for out off our main IOST reward pool.

What expectations or suggestions do you have for IOST?

I hope we will keep our ecosystem strong and based on creating long term value instead of going for short term gains. Price is just a ticker and I believe that if we harden the network and stick with IOST for the long run we can make a change and outperform and compete against our competition.

What platforms can we get the latest development and situation of BlockDevs Asia?

You can always go to the BlockDevs Asia website for updates or go to our Github and see what we are working on. We are looking forward to seeing you at one of our events we also do live streaming so you can always attend an event digitally.

Why should the community members vote for you, and what will they get if they vote for you?

BlockDevs Asia is a non-profit organization that helps grow a blockchain community to help represent and propagate new technology in the Asian market.

As BlockDevs Asia we are proactively supporting the Filipino and South-east Asian Developers community. We do this by creating meetups & educational courses, which are designed to help developers getting started to work on top of IOST and build out the Internet of Services.

Aside from the educational & meetup part, we also are contributing to the Bug Bounty program. To add, we have developed tools for starting blockchain developers to help them with developing this new technology. Our future vision is to make blockchain and thus IOST, accessible to all developers. On the roadmap, there is great collaboration with universities for study grants & educational programs.

We know and firmly believe that the strength of a blockchain system relies on a good community and we are committed to imparting knowledge, to inviting people whether adept or amateur and to allow accessibility with blockchain for everyone to join and participate in.

BlockDevs Asia – ChainLink Partnerships for the IOST Community

Besides all this, we want to announce an upcoming partnership with Constellation Group, Blockchain SPACE, and EOI Digital as #1 IOST servi node. As #1 IOST servi node we will be building a bridge with Chain LINK. And we will also create courses on how to integrate Chain LINK data into your IOST Apps and skyrocket the features of your IOST Apps. As of the moment, we are currently building some cool example apps for our upcoming meet-up so stay tuned for more updates.


Upcoming Event | Meetup

We would also like to announce another upcoming that we are planning: a free MeetUp event called On-Chain Gambling & Crypto Games” on Saturday, September 28, 2019,
1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
at 3rd Floor, B&P Building, 843 Antonio Arnaiz Avenue, Legaspi Village, Makati, 1229 Metro Manila, Makati City

The event will be hosted by Nicole L. from BlockDevs group and so far 90 attendees have confirmed. As usual, this event is for former attendees and new participants who are interested with learning about blockchain and crypto gaming.

The details of the event are as follows:

As we continue to build a stronger blockchain developer community, here is the next event that surely you do not want to missed.

ON-CHAIN GAMBLING & CRYPTO GAMES: the continuation of the Blockchain Gamble that aims to increase the knowledge in the technical and legal aspects of the blockchain gaming and gambling industry.
One of the topics to be discuss: Decentralized Finance and a Hands on Workshop on On-Chain Gambling & Crypto Games

We are offering these event for free. Though it is not required, we still recommend that you commit to attending regularly and be engaged in community discussions for you to get the most out of these sessions.

Taken from our MeetUp page

The schedule of the event are as follows:

Registration 1:00 – 1:30
Intro to Blockdevsasia by Tracy Li 1:30 – 2:00
Decentralized Finance, WoWoo.exchange,
Maker DAO
2:00 – 3:00
Building on IOST – IOST Champ by Caspar Oostendorp3:00 – 4:30
Snacks/Networking4:30 – 5:00

The event is sponsored by TokenNews, in collaboration with Ambidextr, Oost & Voort, EOI Digital, IOST, Acceler8, Asia Blockchain Review, and Decentralize.

There have been at least 90 participants who have RSVP’d, and as such we are also in need of more volunteers for this event. Should you wish the participate or volunteer for our events, whether this one or for future ones, please feel free to contact us through this link or the details provided below:

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 0948-373-482

Blockchain & IOST Education and Development

We have been focusing on harnessing and imparting knowledge for our local developers and as a result, the company has launched the IOST Champ and the IOST Playground.

IOST Champ is a blockchain-based educational tool that is teaching developers IOST in the form of on-chain challenges with verifiable scoring and on-chain certification. The IOST Playground is on IOST IDE to help developers build on the IOST blockchain platform.

IOST + Quasar + Firebase boilerplate for IOST

BlockDevs Asia is building more and more on top of IOST and we would like to share some of our internal best practices and tooling. That is why we are releasing our IOST+Quasar+Firebase boilerplate. Check out the link below for more details: https://github.com/blockdevsasia/iost-boilerplate

BlockDevs Asia Q4 Roadmap

In the months to come, BlockDevs Asia will hold more meetups and events regarding blockchain and IOST. Everyone is always encouraged to join and participate. For a quick list for the upcoming events, we listed them here below:

  1. More Dedicated IOST events – We want to prioritize IOST on everything we build and in our meetups
  2. IOST node token for increased voter rewards 
  3. Building out the IOST IDE and dev tooling – Basically, we plan to make it easier for developers to develop on IOST
  4. Onboarding of new IOST developers
  5. Setup dedicated IOST Hackaton
  6. Initial launch for a dedicated IOST incubator program
  7. IOST Game development courses for Blockchain enthusiasts

Details of these events will soon follow. We hope to see more people at our events soon. If you’re interested to participate or have any questions, please contact us.

If you like what we are working on please vote for us and support us continuing our way forward: https://www.iostabc.com/account/blockdev
BlockDevs Asia Node will do daily payouts.