It’s been an eventful Q1 for 2020! Due to the COVID outbreak, BlockDevs Asia needed to realign and reschedule the events we have planned for this year. But nevertheless, the best thing about working with technology and blockchain is that it’s scalable to work on times such as these. 

For the past few months, we mostly focused on mini hackathons since we had to postpone our main hackathon event, DISH 2020, to June 8-9, 2020. Aside from that, we are focusing more on tooling and development, while we had to do most things remotely due to certain territories on lockdown. We do have a big announcement coming up since we will do this together with Manila Blockchain Summit, so stay tuned for this one.

For the tooling, we mainly focused on maintenance and upgrading to get things going while hackathons are on hold. To stay updated with our development and schedules, we posted interesting articles on our website so go check that out.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what we did during Q1 2020

IOST—BlockDevs Asia Tooling

The IOST tool was recently translated into Chinese. We wanted to make sure that the tool would encompass all languages for our developers. In relation to that, we may consider other languages once the tool reaches enough demand. The IOST tools underwent different changes and to guide you better, we will list here all recent development with links for your reference.


We have a new IDE toolkit in development as we did some major updates to the UI. The backend has a more mature, cleaner look. You can install the new IOST IDE using the link provided.

IOST Champ

We are using the new IOST Champ internally for courses that we provide and teach to the community. We also did major upgrades including a Mainnet account creation. Check out IOST Champ here.

IOST Account Tooling

For the IOST Account Tooling, we added an easy check account information; tokens, gas, ram, and rewards as we did a UI revamp.

IOST API Tooling

For an easy to use overview, the overview of all API Calls for the API toolkit UI was revamped.

IOST IDE Contract Decompiler

We did a UI revamp for the IOST IDE and Decompiler for PEN testing and development of smart contracts.

IOST + Quasar + Firebase Boilerplate

We used an IOST + Quasar + FIrebase boilerplate for our mini hackathon.

Block Devs Asia—IOST Events

Despite DISH 2020 being pushed back, we still had a string of mini hackathons to keep our members and developers engaged. Most of these events were also posted on our meetup page. Follow our meetup page to stay updated with the events.

MINI HACKATHON: DeFi in Emerging Economies

We initially planned this mini hackathon as a preparation for the DISH 2020 Hackathons. It’s a special event meant to connect all interested developers & enthusiasts in one place.

During this meetup, we taught developers how to use MakerDAO, one of the oldest blockchain projects in the blockchain space, and they were expected to build an application using it. Participants had the chance to win PHP 10,000 worth of prize money judged based on the top 3 most innovative solutions-based applications.

To give a brief explanation about MakerDAO,

MakerDAO is a decentralized and permissionless lending platform that allows users to borrow its USD pegged stablecoin, called Dai, against their token assets and to achieve price stability in crypto, creating an opportunity to interact with decentralized applications without experiencing the volatility of the overall cryptocurrency market. The lending platform is managed by a set of smart contracts instead of a bank, allowing for greatly reduced interest rates and better global liquidity.

This platform, though dated, may be used to teach developers how smart contracts work for stablecoins and can be used as a blueprint for future projects.

Program Flow

1:00 PM – 1:10 PM Registration

1:10 PM – 1:20 PM Intro to Blockdevs

1:20 PM – 1:40 PM Intro to MakerDAO

1:40 PM – 4:20 PM Mini-Hackathon

4:20 PM – 4:50 PM Presentation of Participants

4:50 PM – 5:00 PM Announcement of Winners


In our previous blog, we discussed the Tangem NFC Card and the mini hackathon we held for our participants. It was a successful event, with over 20 participants, and 4 team winners who went with cash prizes. 

Developers were given the chance to use Tangem’s chip-to-chain technology, opening up more creative space for blockchain to function. Tools were provided by BlockDevs Asia.

We have more content coming up for blockchain enthusiasts and developers old and new. Despite the COVID-19 situation, we are still hard at work. If you want to stay updated with future events and content updates, please follow our website blog and follow our Meet Up page. We have more things in store for 2020.

What to Expect in 2020

Following our initial timeline of events, here are some general updates that BlockDevs Asia is working on. We’re still planning to hold more meetups and events regarding blockchain and IOST though we’re taking into consideration having this done remotely while we are waiting for the situation to subside. 

  1. More Dedicated IOST events – We want to prioritize IOST on everything we build and in our meetups
  2. IOST node token for increased voter rewards 
  3. Building out the IOST IDE and dev tooling – Basically, we plan to make it easier for developers to develop on IOST
  4. Onboarding of new IOST developers
  5. Set Up  an other IOST Hackathon
  6. Dedicated IOST incubator program start with CHAMP funding
  7. IOST Game development courses for Blockchain enthusiasts

Also, we are glad to announce that BlockDevs Asia also joined the IOST Global Alliance as a node partner. So stay tuned because we have a lot more coming up for that. 

We encourage everyone to stay safe during this pandemic by staying indoors if you can. During this global phenomenon, blockchain has found itself under unusual limelight that experts are currently studying. Despite everything, we assure you we will not stop working.