Kicking off the year with a mini-hackathon was a success as our participants went home with Tangem wallets and NFC cards. 

BlockDevs Asia and Tangem prepared this exciting event to introduce the first-ever Tangem NFC Cards to the Philippines. It was held last January 18, 2020, Saturday from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM at BlockchainSpace, Acceler8, 5F Phinma Plaza 39 Plaza Drive, Rockwell Business Center, Makati City, Philippines. And was led by Caspar Oostendorp and Amadeo Brands with over 20 participants who joined the event.

BlockDevs Asia x Tangem 

As the world of blockchain moves the robust security to daily applications, communities gather to reach the common goal of making blockchain readily acceptable. The two companies, BlockDevs Asia and Tangem, are both blockchain companies that decided to bring applicable blockchain programs to SouthEast Asia.

BlockDevs Asia has been working on projects like IOST and Klatyn and has been incubating blockchain developers within the local community to empower the Philippines’ blockchain environment. The company has been holding multiple meetups for blockchain programs as they test the scalability of IOST in blockchain apps (bApps) and programs as well as connect the Philippines to neighboring Asian countries.

Tangem’s biggest project is their chip-to-chain technology which was founded and developed with years and years of microchip research. Tangem’s core value is trust, and they believe that a chip-to-chain technology can reinforce that within the technology as well as work around the problems and challenges that blockchain is currently facing.

IOST is also part of this mini hackathon we will explore how we can integrate the Tangem NFC card onto the IOST blockchain and integrate not only ETH but also other blockchains onto the Tangem NFC cards.

Tools from GitHub

Before the meetup, participants were given tools and were already prepared. Tangem provided them kits, one for iOS and one for Android. The installation guide was announced and given 2 days before the event so participants can start development and application right away.

Tangem Cryptocurrency cards were also provided along with the tools, as this was necessary in order to use the Android kit.

The Mini Hackathon and its Winners

Like with other previous events, a hackathon is always the best way for participants to feel engaged while learning a new platform for blockchain development. The team decided to go with a mini hackathon so that participants can learn and have fun at the same time, considering the Tangem chip will be first introduced during this meetup.

The developers were asked to create blockchain solutions using the Tangem cards. The speakers and team members from Tangem and BlockDevs Asia were there to guide the local developers whenever they had questions regarding the chip. The participants were group into teams and four teams were chosen as winners:

  1. Team E-nterest 
    • Members: Alberto Vacarri, Japhet Kariuki & Ricson Ngo
    • Their project was a proof of concept for investment in cryptocurrencies. They created an easy-to-use application that showed how accessible crypto investments would be with their program. They made use of an Android phone that acted as an NFC scanner and a desktop application for buying and selling cryptocurrency.
  2. Pata team
    • Members: Mark Andrew Yao & April Garcia
    • Their project focused on implementing pending coffee functionality by using the Tangem SDK and smart contracts.
  3. Team Pizza
    • Members: Erik Lim, JM Dimapilis, Renzo Carianga
    • Their project focused on making a crypto-friend PWD and Senior Citizen’s ID or card for making payments. PWD and Senior Citizen’s ID are commonly used for discounts in different establishments. They added a Tangem Wallet which acts as a bank wallet.
  4. Starfleet 
    • Members: Tom Chua
    • A sole developer; He created an online payments platform through Tangem cards

Collaborations and Projects for 2020

This collaborative meetup between Tangem and BlockDevs Asia is only the beginning. As the year progresses, more and more events will come. We can also expect more events from Tangem and projects involving Tangem cards as the concept of microchips proved to be useful and interesting among the participants.

If you’re looking for more blockchain events and updates, please follow our social media accounts. Stay tuned for more blockchain events!

Team E-NTEREST                                                  Pata Team

Team Pizza                                                           Starfleet